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Marlene Rabinovitch MD, Palo Alto

We are professionals living in Atherton, CA and need to board our dog once a month. Shelly is a real find! She picks our dog up and delivers him at a place close to work. Our dog is delighted to go to Shelly's . He jumps out of our car to greet her and to find out which of his pals are at 'camp' that week in her van. Our dog is exercised for several hours a day and fed well and treated like the home pet he is having the run of Shelly's house. There is expert care if he becomes ill. Shelly is full of knowledge and common sense about dog and cat behavior. We are very fortunate to be her clients as is our dog.

Pat Lee, Woodside

We love Shelly, but more importantly, our dog loves Shelly. Before we found Companion Dog Boarding, we had tried our pup at 3-4 different dog boarding businesses, both home-based and in facilities. Once we found Shelly, we've never gone anywhere else. We've been boarding our pup with her for the past 5 years, probably for about an average of a month per year. Shelly takes the dogs for long hikes, and our dog never sees a leash the entire visit. Shelly owns corgis, and when we take our dog out for walks, she immediately checks out any corgis to see if they happen to be the ones she knows. When we pick up our dog from Shelly's house, she's excited to see us, but exhausted from having so much fun. She sleeps for about a day or two, giving us time to unpack and recover from our trip... in our dog's dream world, she would spend her days with Shelly and come home to sleep at our house. For our dog, boarding at Shelly's feels like home to her, only so much more exciting...

Kathy Steele, Palo Alto

Shelly is one of the most knowledgeable dog people that I know. When the dogs are left at Shelly's facility, not only are they in a comfortable, home situation, but they have someone looking after them who truly knows what to look for and what to do if a dog becomes stressed or ill. It is such a comfort when you can leave a dog in someone's care and not have worry about how they will be treated. Another big plus is the fact that the dogs aren't just thrown in a kennel run and left there for the entire stay. They are able to get out and exercise in a safe environment. I have actually worked at a couple of kennels before, and they would do things like charge owners an extra fee for letting the dogs out for play time. The yards used for play time were approximately 6 X 6. Not much room for a dog to play in that space. With Shelly they are actually able to get out and move. I highly recommend Shelly, and your dog will, too!!!!!

Inger, Palo Alto, CA

I have been boarding my 2 schnoodles with Shelly since they were 7 months old, and they are now over 5 years old. I board them with her every Christmas holiday for at least 2 weeks, periodically throughout the year for long weekends, and in the summer for extended periods of time - last summer they were with her for 40 days straight. They love Shelly and all the activities she does with them. They always come back from her place better listeners. She gives them a lot of daily exercise (a tired dog is a happy dog), they get good social interaction with other dogs, and she takes care of them as if they were hers. I would never think of boarding my dogs with anyone else. She is amazing!

Dr Peter B Danzig and Lava Thomas, Menlo Park

We board our two Welsh Corgi's with Shelly six to ten times a year. Our dogs jump for joy when they see Shelly and clamor to scamper into her house or jump into her truck. Because she exercises them more thoroughly then we do, they come home healthier and fitter than the day we dropped them off. Our dogs treat Shelly as their alternate owner and are as contented boarding with her as they are at home, which leaves us to enjoy our travels without worrying that the dogs are well taken care of and contented. We highly recommend Companion Dog Boarding.